Our Approach

We aim to be by your side to listen without judgement, provide a safe space to enable you to explore and express your thoughts and feelings to enable you to make sense of things, begin to understand yourself and to begin to know your own mind at your own pace in your own way. 

We passionately care about your well-being and are passionate about working to support you through whatever issues or circumstances you have found yourself in, no problem is too big or too small.

Telephone Counselling

Telephone counselling is available for adults who may have time constraints, who may be unable/unwilling to travel or who may simply prefer to receive support over the telephone. 

In the same way as face to face, telephone sessions are given a regular weekly timeslot which lasts for 60 minutes.

All sessions are confidential and follow safeguarding guidelines.

Creative Expression and Play in Therapy

Both creative therapy and play therapy alongside talking therapy add another dimension to the work we do together, it may enable you to explore your experiences, thoughts and feelings on a deeper level while maintaining a safe distance; talking has been known to recreate the traumatic experience, creative activities and play however offer a way to explore such events without the pressure of you having to find the right words or to relive the event.

By reaching beyond the conscious level of imagination you can replay your emotional experiences and begin to build resilience to life's challenges, you can express your feelings without the need for words. You may learn through creative expression to manage your emotions and to communicate in a more positive way.


If you as a child or your child missed stages of development through illness, trauma and/or adverse experiences such as neglect, abuse, anxiety, stress, lack of self-esteem or bullying, for example, you can revisit and rebuild gaps through play and/or creative expression.

Therapy Experience /Outcomes

Experiencing the containment

and security of a therapeutic environment on a regular basis may allow you to experience a healthy attachment which will hopefully help you begin to trust others and build more fulfilling relationships in the future.


Often during or following therapy you

or your child may begin to take control,

make decisions and develop strategies to cope with difficulties in the future.

Within the therapeutic space, you may begin to recognise strengths, build self-esteem

and find a sense of self.