Snakes and Ladders
Therapy Centre

We truly care about your well-being and are passionate about working to support you through whatever issues or circumstances you are in or have experienced, nothing is too big or too small.



We work with Children from 3 years up,

Young People and Adults.

 We offer weekday, weekend and evening appointments.

In person sessions for children aged 3+ Adults and Young People

Telephone & On-Line Counselling & Coaching is available for Adults and Young People 11+.

We can help with...

  • Depression

  • Bereavement 

  • Anxiety and panic attacks

  • Confidence, Self-esteem issues

  • Loss through divorce/separation of parents, partner or siblings, job loss etc..

  • Attachment or separation issues

  • Experiences of trauma,  the effects of PTSD

  • Effects of adverse childhood experience/s including emotional, physical and or sexual abuse

  • Struggling to settle/fit after moving area, home and/or school

  • Displays of anger and aggressive behaviours

  • Hyper-vigilance, inability to concentrate, dissociation (zone out)

  • Struggles to interact with others, converse or play

  • Not reaching potential socially, academically or in career

  • Effects of bullying

  • Effect of experiencing inappropriate behaviour or if behaving in inappropriate ways

  • Risk of exclusion from education or job

  • Irrational feelings, displays

  • Stress, fear, phobias

  • Nightmares, flashbacks, disturbed sleep

  • General unhappiness, distress and often being upset over seemingly small things

Climb Higher with Therapy

What We Offer

Coaching for age 11+

Play Therapy

The Rewind Technique

Counselling for all ages

We aim to be by your side to listen without judgement, provide a safe space to enable you to explore and express your thoughts, feelings, emotions and experiences to enable you to make sense of things, begin to heal and strive for more peace and fulfilment in life.