MAP Method Coaching 

Frequently Asked Questions & Client Reviews

What is a 1st MAP Session Like?

Before your first session, you will receive a 15-minute video to watch before we meet, this will begin training your brain.

Your first session begins with another short training for your brain; this is done using metaphors as this is what the brain understands best.

Does MAP Work On Video Call?


A MAP Method practitioner does not require you to be in the same room as them, as they are trained to find the correct commands by using their intuitive skills.

The MAP Method allows people to connect from all over the world, and from the comfort of their homes or workplace at the time that suits them.

Can Multiple People in The Same Family Be 

Treated At One Time?

Yes! Because MAP is private it is okay (and often beneficial) to treat multiple members of the same family; especially if a child has Anxiety it helps to treat parents too.

Treatments beyond the initial session (which can be done together) are carried out separately.

Can I Use MAP on Myself?

Yes! After completing a block of sessions your practitioner will teach you how to use MAP on the go, a method you can use any time, anywhere discreetly. This will give you a powerful tool to remain in control of your emotions for the rest of your life. 

Who Does MAP Work With?

We work with Adults and Young People 11+
All that's needed is a willingness to engage and the ability to relax

The sessions are mainly offered on zoom although you may prefer to attend our cosy therapy centre in Potters Bar. 

What is a MAP Session Like?

You begin by bringing the issue you would like to work on into your mind. The practitioner gives instructions to your brain to find and heal associated emotions beliefs and events with your memories as you relax. As this is usually subconscious, you may not be aware of what’s happening. After a few minutes, you will report the progress of what has changed 

How Is MAP Different From Other Modalities?

The MAP Method is not like talk therapy, hypnosis, NLP, EMDR or (EFT)tapping. The MAP Method does not require remembering, reliving or sharing traumatic memories making the process safe, private & non-invasive.

Most people report that it is a mostly relaxing experience and any intensity in processing emotions passes quickly.

What Happens After a MAP Session?

We advise you to drink plenty of water, eat lightly, and rest well. You will have released emotions, memories, and/ or other parts that were stopping you from enjoying your life, and the work continues for a few hours or days. 

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What Our Clients Say

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JL, Mill Hill

"I went to Karen to primarily help with weight issues. After the first session and experiencing her techniques, I had complete trust that she was the person who could help me. My weight issues, unknown to me, were firmly rooted in my childhood family dynamics and through her gentle approach, I worked through releasing the pain that I had no idea was associated with these memories. She gave me an insight into my head and heart; I now feel I am me rather than being responsible for everyone. I feel illuminated and strong. Karen is a truly supportive individual and I would recommend her to people who want to resolve weight issues, relationship issues, and past traumas".