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What is Therapeutic Counselling?


Our counselling sessions have a therapeutic element meaning we explore the past to make connections to the present, we work on a deeper psychological level than counselling alone, and we work with you until you feel your journey is complete.

Therapeutic Counselling seeks to uncover the root cause and heal from there rather than just focusing on what is present now.

We offer psycho-education to help you understand issues you are facing and to gain an understanding of how they may have come about.

We may suggest techniques to help you have more control over your emotions and your current situation until you get to a point symptoms are alleviated.

We may offer other techniques to support your healing such as The Rewind Technique for trauma and PTSD symptoms, guided meditations, and other techniques such as The MAP Method.

Who is it for?

Adults and Young People 11 +


Possible outcomes of our sessions

Experiencing the containment and security of a therapeutic environment on a regular basis may allow for a healthy attachment to be experienced which will hopefully help you begin to trust others and build more fulfilling relationships in the future.

Therapy offers an empowering environment to begin to feel in control, make decisions and develop strategies and resilience to better cope with any difficulties in the future.

Within the therapeutic space, you may begin to recognise strengths, build self-esteem and find a sense of self.

How often are sessions?

We offer weekly sessions which may be 60 - 90 minutes

After a time some clients may drop to fortnightly or ad-hoc sessions

Telephone or Online Counselling

Telephone and On-Line Counselling is available for adults and young people 11+ 


In the same way as face-to-face sessions, telephone, and online sessions are given a regular weekly timeslot that lasts for 60 -90 minutes.

All sessions are confidential and follow safeguarding guidelines.

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