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We understand life can be difficult, you may have faced adverse childhood experiences (ACE's) which are continuing to affect you now, you may be experiencing bereavement, loss or trauma or you may just be finding life to be a struggle for any reason, we are here to help you express and explore things in a way that's right for you so you may begin to feel more confident and fulfilled.


Parenting can be challenging and sometimes you may benefit from support,

perhaps you didn't experience good enough parenting growing up, maybe you have attachment issues that are affecting your relationships with your partner and/or child. It is common to feel a little lost when it comes to discipline and healthy boundaries with children, sometimes parents disagree on parenting styles which can lead us to struggle to cope or feel confident.

Many of our therapists are parents too so we understand the challenges of relationships and parenting.

Have you or your child faced adverse childhood experiences (ACE's)

Are you finding life and or parenting tricky?

Do you have a child with special needs and/or difficult behaviour?

Are you struggling to regulate your emotions?

Are you struggling in your relationship or parenting alone?

Perhaps you have suffered the loss of a loved one, job or home?

Are you caught in an acrimonious separation/divorce?

Are you facing a custody battle?

Perhaps your child is facing exclusion or incarceration?

Suffered/suffering domestic abuse?

Could you be in a co-dependent or toxic bond relationship?

Perhaps you've been the perpetrator of domestic abuse and need support to resolve your issues?

Are you living with someone with mental health issues, (for example BPD, bipolar)?

Maybe you feel anxious and/or depressed or just lost your zest for life?

Support for you


We are here to support you through whatever you are struggling with, in the way that works best for you, whether it be someone to listen and support you or to work with you creatively to explore and process your experiences, thoughts and feelings on a deeper level

You can feel safe in the knowledge we will accept you and whatever you bring into sessions to explore without judgement. 

Parent Therapy

We strongly recommend parents having therapeutic support when their children are receiving therapy as;

it offers encouragement to the child who may be nervous or self-conscious about having sessions

it sets a great example and shows the child that therapy is beneficial for all ages

having a child who is struggling can be stressful and lonely especially if those around you don't understand

you may be able to  discuss your own issues that may have been triggered by your child's behaviour/struggles

you may learn strategies to help you support your child

We can arrange another therapist to work with you at the same time as your child is having their session in another room.

We are happy to offer discounts if financing both sessions is difficult so please ask



Our cosy therapy centre offers creative materials, 

sand, clay and art materials to enable self-exploration and creative expression experiences and to work through issues to minimise the focus on finding words for sensitive thoughts, feelings and experiences.

When talking gets tough we get creative

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