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Working with Couples

What is the difference between Couples Counselling and

this Relationship Coaching Program?

In Couples' Counselling, you usually attend together

Couples' Counselling often involves both of you attending sessions together to air, explore and attempt to resolve issues with the support of the therapist, this can be successful for many although often it can create tension, the work is also done consciously so may not get to the root cause and the associations that are causing issues.

In this Relationship Coaching Program, we work with you both separately 

This Relationship Coaching Program is designed to help you release anything in your past that led to unhealthy habits in yourself and in your relationships by using the power of your  'Superconscious' mind through utilising The MAP Method.

Attending sessions alone can make it easier to relax, what makes it even better is that you do not have to share intimate details of your relationship and/or past events for the benefits to be experienced because much of our work is dealing with unconscious stuff we can go deeper to find the root cause of issues.

We work together with everything from the day you were conceived (and before) up to the present day by diving deep into your unconscious mind and finding and resolving the root of your issues

By clearing past (often) unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs, and unhelpful emotions attached to adverse experiences/traumas we can work toward rewiring your mind to create new more positive emotions and experiences that benefit you and your relationship.

The wonderful thing about this Relationship Program is that you both get to work on yourselves so you may come together in a more healthy way to create a relationship which is flows and works for both of you.

Another benefit is that it is likely to impact all the other relationships in your life too.

"If I really want to improve my situation, I can work on the one thing I have control over - myself"

Stephen Covey

"I will not work in a relationship, that's not my job

My job is to work on myself

If I'm working in a relationship then it's not flowing"


Joe Dispenza

Your Relationships Begin With You!

Your relationships begin with you, Yes You!

It is very easy when things go wrong in our relationships to look outside ourselves and blame the other person/s.

I know, I've been there many times in victim mode, not taking any accountability until I realised the part I was playing... the blamer, the enabler, the reactive abuser, and many other things I am not proud of until

did the work on myself.

Let me ask you?

How often when an issue crops up between you and your partner, sibling, or parent do you step away and ask yourself "what part did I play in this?", "what can I do to change things,  how can I make things better?"

How many times did I? Sadly, very few until I woke up, took responsibility, and worked on myself

It is tricky, isn't it?

The reason it is tricky is because of the emotions and our pasts involved. 

Often emotions are attached to past events that we may not even remember yet they are wreaking havoc in our lives and relationships, and with us feeling out of control and looking for reasons we may pin the blame on something or someone unrelated to the actual cause and what a mess that creates!

When emotions are high, it is difficult to self-reflect, and interaction with well-meaning others can cause us to be defensive; because our emotions are hijacked, logic and reason go out the window, and our significant other can also be triggered by our emotions and/or behaviour which leads to an unhealthy atmosphere that is difficult to navigate.


"I unconsciously recreated my parents' relationships"

We tend to recreate the relationships we experienced from witnessing our parents interactions by default, sometimes there are things we decide not to bring with us although a lot of it is unconscious and automatic until we recognise it and resolve it. 

Children are like sponges


If you have children, they are like sponges absorbing how to have relationships from what they witness from your interactions with others (even if you think they don't see/hear you, they absorb it all) therefore they are likely to display unhealthy patterns of relating in their relationships if you do not resolve any issues you are having.

Just imagine if you were the one/s that broke the generational patterns, and created healthy relationships others looked up to?

You can with the Relationship Coaching Program

"Beginning today, set an intention and a relentless focus on living your life as the greatest person you can be, in all situations"
Brendan Burchard

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