Transformational Coaching

Combining Therapy with The MAP Method 

Guiding You To Experience
More Ease, Flow and Happiness with Less Emotional Pain in Your Life

If you have spent years struggling to reach your potential or trying to achieve contentment in your life this may be the missing piece of the puzzle you've been searching for



Over many years of experience as a therapeutic counsellor I found that some clients struggled to break through their challenges and took a long time to reach the results they wanted, and that was frustrating all around.

Yes, therapy is a process that can work well but what if there was a quicker route?

 I wanted to offer my clients a quicker, more effective, and long-term solution to their struggles which, is why I chose to add a

coaching technique validated by neuroscience that provides measurable results

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The MAP Method Coaching method brings together the most effective psychological modalities to help you rewire your brain to enjoy more, peace, ease, and happiness with less pain without years of work

The MAP Method is Mind-Body healing that is

easy, gentle & effective.

MAP (Make Anything Possible) is a scientifically-based method that uses the brain's ability to heal itself to rewire long-term memories, beliefs & behaviors to promote healing.

The MAP Coaching Method
delivers the fastest way to create your desired transformation.

The MAP Coaching Method works by treating negative emotions attached to memories that have created limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours, fears, and phobias so they can be neutralised quickly and often painlessly.
The subconscious mind is able to overcome traumas, anxiety and stress leading to increased ease and enjoyment of life for you 


We can communicate with the subconscious mind to teach it and command it to help rewire your brain. The process is mostly done while you relax and listen passively with the occasional conscious check in to gauge progress.

Essentially the brain replaces the old connections with new more positive or neutral ones, this leads to changes in thinking and behaviour and more positive feelings and emotions.  

The MAP Method allows memories to be processed in a different way, pain associated with memories decreases and the emotions regulate therefore, there is a calming effect in relation to fear, anxiety and stress.