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More Ease, Flow and Happiness without Emotional Pain?

“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.”


Anna Taylor


If you have spent years struggling to reach your potential this may be the missing piece you've been searching for



Over many years of experience as a therapeutic counsellor I found that some clients struggled to break through their struggles and took a long time to reach the results they wanted, and that was frustrating all round.

Yes, therapy is a process that can work well but what if there was a quicker route?

 I wanted to offer my clients a quicker, more effective and long-term solution to their struggles which, is why I chose to add a

coaching technique validated by neuroscience that provides measurable results

This coaching method brings together the most effective psychological modalities to help you rewire your brain to enjoy more happiness and less pain without years of work


Why is this technique different?

This Coaching Technique delivers the fastest way to create your desired transformation.
This Coaching Technique works by treating negative emotions attached to memories that have created limiting beliefs, sabotaging behaviours, fears, and phobias so they can be neutralised quickly and often painlessly.
The subconscious mind is able to overcome traumas, anxiety and stress leading to increased ease and enjoyment of life.


Because of the the brain's neuroplasticity (ability of the brain to form and reorganise synaptic connections) in response to learning, experiences or following injury, we can communicate with the subconscious mind to command it to help rewire and reconsolidate memories not beneficial for your success and fulfilment. The process is mostly done while you relax and listen passively with the occasional conscious check in to gauge progress.

Essentially the brain replaces the old connections with new more positive or neutral ones, this leads to changes in thinking and behaviour and more positive feelings and emotions.  

Three important brain structures; the Memory System, the Pain Centre and the Limbic System are required to create change through positive activation and change. This system allows memories to be processed in a different way, pain associated with memories decreases and the emotions regulate therefore there is a calming effect in relation to fear, anxiety and stress.

Who can benefit?

We  work with Adults and Young People 11+
All that's needed is a willingness to engage and the ability to relax
The best thing is you only share as much as you feel comfortable doing during sessions because we are treating the emotions an in-depth story is not necessary for a positive outcome - great for people who feel uncomfortable sharing or if the details are sensitive.
The sessions are mainly offered on zoom although you may prefer and are very welcome to attend our cosy therapy centre in Potters Bar. 

Quick, Easy, Gentle Changes for you

Pay per Session Coaching

Coaching sessions are available as single sessions as you feel necessary and are great; 

  • to find out if this style of coaching feels right for you

  • as top up following the 12-week program

  • for when emotions feel overwhelming and you wish to work through them with someone

Special Offer


4 Sessions for the price of 3

Curious about what this style of coaching can do for you? 

Why not take the plunge and take advantage of this limited-time offer for new clients?


Best Value & Impact


12-week transformation program

Included is:

  • Intro session

  • 12 weekly 1-1 sessions lasting 1-2 hours

  • 3 months access to online group coaching program worth $300


Online meeting

JL, Mill Hill

"I went to Karen to primarily help with weight issues. After the first session and experiencing her techniques, I had complete trust that she was the person who could help me. My weight issues, unknown to me, were firmly rooted in my childhood family dynamics and through her gentle approach, I worked through releasing my pain that I had no idea was associated with these memories. She gave me an insight into my head and heart; I now feel I am me rather than being responsible for everyone. I feel illuminated and strong. Karen is a truly supportive individual and I would recommend her to people who want to resolve weight issues, relationship issues and past traumas"


"I was not prepared for this technique!

I presented with something causing me a lot of anxiety.

The sessions ended with not only the anxiety being gone but the thoughts surrounding it gone too, in fact, I couldn't even bring forward the memories around it, it felt strange although fine. The neuroscience behind the MAP coaching technique fascinates me, the removed blocks means heightened focus and a return to a more authentic me"


"You have been amazing!

I don't know what's changed but I am feeling a lot better. I feel like I have made such progress. The triggers have lessened and don't stay for long. I feel better & better after each session"


"I had re-connected with Karen after a break from therapy sessions as I needed to fix some of my behaviours and negative thought processes permanently and be able to have some tools on my belt that I could use on my own to assist me if a trigger arose.

Karen introduced me to the MAP technique,

I can honestly say that MAP is both powerful and effective, I now have a new sense of peace that I have never had before, and I am not worried or anxious about the future and when I sleep it is deep and peaceful"

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