Therapeutic Counselling for Children & Young People

We are experienced therapists who love working with children and young people.

We have a cosy fully equipped therapy centre just off Potters Bar High Street, Hertfordshire


We can work in schools, children's centres, nurseries, colleges and other educational settings.

Many of our therapists have experience of working in the school environment so understand the pressures your young person faces.

As parents ourselves we understand the difficulties home life and its ever-changing dynamics and challenges can have on young people

We have found that using a private space in an environment they are used to may give the child or young person the space they need to explore their experiences and any issues they may be facing without worrying what others close to them may think or feel or how they may react.

We love a challenge and are used to working with difficult emotions, we pride ourselves in giving the unconditional acceptance everyone deserves.

What do we offer in our sessions?

Our therapists will provide a selection of items to suit the age range of the child including toys, role-play items, books, clay, puppets and creative art materials to enable children and young people to express themselves creatively, explore issues and experiences and work through them without the focus on finding words. Items made in sessions are stored safely and the client gets to keep them when therapy finishes.

A sand tray may be offered if appropriate, this offers a powerful medium for the exploration of thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Therapeutic exercises may be offered to help with exploration and to aid understanding of anything the child may be struggling to express.

We believe that working collaboratively with parents to support their children is important when in therapy.

We welcome communication from parents and are happy to help suggest ways for you to support your child.

According to Margot Sutherland

Conversations That Matter: Talking with Children and Teenagers in Ways That Help


  • If we help children to talk about their feelings, we offer them a safe context in which to live their lives

  • If we help children to talk, they will learn how to reflect on their feelings rather than ‘behave them’

  • If we help children to talk, it will develop their brains as well as their minds

  • If we help children to talk about their feelings, they will be far more able to manager stress well throughout their lives

  • If we help children to talk about their feelings, they will develop a far more sophisticated language for their emotions

  • If we help children to talk about their feelings, they will be able to ‘suffer well’

  • Helping children to talk about feelings is about ‘opening up their capacity to take in comfort’

  • If we help children to talk about their feelings, they develop insight and emotional awareness